A lot of CSS, Docker security, responsive images with srcset, JS debugging, AWS lambda performances...
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💻 Code
Interesting article about building Radi.js, a small JS library faster than React and WITHOUT virtual DOM. [Medium]
A bunch of techniques to help you writing CSS that works in every browser. [Mozilla Web Developer blog]
A small guide on using srcset and sizes to make responsive images. [Tumblr Engineering blog]
Five interesting things about TypeScript you may not know. [Microsoft Open Source blog]
How Yelp is managing their CSS styles and keeping things consistent in the age of React. [Yelp Engineering blog]
🔐 Security
Maybe we should start thinking about ditching SMS 2-Factor authentication considering recent security breaches. [Den Delimarsky blog]
📈 Optimization
Tracing from JS to the DOM and back again with V8 JavaScript Engine [V8 Project blog]
Custom fonts loading best practices you can use to improve performances: pre-loading, subsetting and setting proper fallback. [CSS Tricks]
An in-depth article on optimizing Kafka by enabling compression. [Cloudflare blog]
🔧 Tools
GitHub recently open sourced Licensed a tool to improve your OSS dependency workflow. [GitHub Engineering blog]
Flow is a new project management tool that looks really nice. [Flow]
NPM introduced a new command `npm ci` for faster and more reliable builds. It bypasses package.json and uses package-lock.json instead. [NPM blog]
Emscripting converts C libs to WebAssembly. [Google Developers blog]
☁ Cloud
Apache OpenWhisk is a serverless, open source cloud platform that executes functions in response to events. [Apache]
🏢 Organization
Have you ever wanted to try mob programming? Wait what is this? [Medium]
A (very) original way of tracking time with lego bricks. [JoeJag]
🎉 Releases
Google released the developer preview of Android P. [Android Developers Blog]
Google Research released a huge dataset of images (2M+) for more than 30K landmarks that can be used for landmark recognition services. [Google Research blog]
💼Job Market
📚 e-learning
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